Indian Rice Selection

  • Plain Rice – (Plain Boiled Basmati Rice)
  • Saffron Rice – (Boiled Basmati Rice seasoned with Saffron)
  • Mattar Pulao – ( Aromatic Basmati Rice cooked with Green Peas & Ghee.)
  • Jeera Rice – (Aromatic Basmati Rice cooked to perfection with Cumin Seeds)
  • Badam & Cashew Rice – Aromatic Basmati (Rice cooked with Cashew Nuts)
  • Vegetables Biryani – (Aromatic Basmati Rice layered alternately with a range of Fresh Vegetables with a unique flavour)
  • Bengali Pulao – (Aromatic Ggobindo Bhog rice flavoured with Cashew Nut, Kismis and Ghee which is often served with the Bengali Style.
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