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Catering Packages: Menu 2

We are one of the Vegetarian Caterers in Kolkata offering exclusive catering packages below which you can order as per your requirement.

Party Menu

Your glass for tonight
Assorted Cold Drinks (Thumbs Up, Fanta & Sprite), Masala Thumbs Up& Soda Sikanji (Chaat Masala + Lime + RockSalt) – On request, Mango Panna

Hot Beverage’s
Hot Espresso Coffee, Live KesariaTea

Floating Starters
Crunchy Chicken Finger, Chicken Puff, Veg Gold coin, Cocktail Samosa

Main Course

Assorted Garden Fresh Salad, Russian Veg Salad, Macaroni Salad, Hawai Chicken Salad, Cabbage Salad, Mixed Potato Chat, Vinegar Onion, Fruit Salad, Cucumber Raita Salad

Non-Vegetarian Cusine
Butter Babynanand Masala Kulcha, Corn Palak, Fish Diamond Fry, KajuKismisDiaBasanti Pulao, Boiled Rice, KachiPatharMangso, Fish Tomato, Bengali Chicken Curry

Vegetarian Cusine
Butter Babynan and Masala Kulcha, Corn Palak, Vegetable Cutlet with Tomato sauce, KajuKismisDiaBasanti Pulao, Boiled Rice, Potoler dolma, Echor Kofta Curry

Accompany With
Kacha Amer Chatnee, Masala Papad

Keasria Jelabi (live), Mango  Rasmalai

Ice Counter
Nolen Goor Er Ice Cream Toping With Notun Goor

Live Misti Pan Stall

Purified Water
(20 ltr. Jar&200ml bottle)

Best healthy food catering solution

We always believe in providing you the best catering service

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